Disposable Foot Spa Liners (80 Pack)

$19.98 $39.98

Disposable Aqua-Detox™ Foot Spa liners are perfect for any foot spa treatment. It's the most ideal disposable tool. Just simply remove the foot spa liner for a better foot cleaning experience.

Use these Foot Bath Liners with your Ion Pure! 

Can be used to cover our Basin! 

Simply cover your Foot Basin with these liners before use to make for an incredibly simple cleaning experience!


✔️ GREAT PROTECTION - Secures your foot from any dirty particles when doing a pedicure. Lightweight & yields heat resistance with warm water below 212℉ (100℃)

✔️SUITABLE ANYWHERE - It is excellent for your foot bath shop, beauty salon spa, massage parlor, and even at home.

✔️ SAVE WATER - No more cleaning of foot tubs. Simply take out the plastic liner to save more water.

✔️ MULTIPURPOSE - Not only for foot spa but also for pedicure and any foot treatments.


Material: High-Quality HDPE

Color: Clear

Size: approx. 65x55cm (25.59x21.65in)

Number of Plastic Liners: 80